Fly Fishing for Bream

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Shaun Slevec East Coast Tasmania
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East Coast Tassie Bream

Catching bream on the fly.

Let's square something up early; catching bream on the fly is not usually easy! What works well one day will not necessarily work the next! They can be unpredictable, fussy and stubborn! They live in a broad range of habbitats and eat a vast array of different food items. From fresh to salt and baitfish to barnicles, this fish does it all! That's why we love them so much!


Gear choice is really quite flexible for bream but for those starting out a 5-6 weight outfit will serve well. Match this with a full float fly line and you’re in business. If you’re boat based full intermediate may suit better and get you down faster. If still confused, give us a call and we will chat it through and work out the best solution for your local waters.   

Leader and Tippet

You'll need to match this to your fishing situation but a 9 foot 4X (6.4lb) leader teamed up with a couple of feet equivalent tippet and you'll have moist situations covered. Consider lengthening the system to achieve better sink rate for your fly and perhaps you will need to beef things up when fishing structure. When fishing large surface flies, such as the disco shrimp, we take the tippet class all the way up to 12lb without impact on bite rate. 


To chase bream effectively you need a broad coverage of flies in your box, each doing a different job. We recommend a spread that includes the following;

  • Baitfish patterns 
  • Worms
  • Surface flies
  • Prawns / Shrimp 
  • Crabs 

Click here to see our selection of essential bream flies.

For those starting out with bream, check out our specialised bream pack that provides full coverage for any situation. The pack comes with inclusive with a set of summary notes on tactics for fishing the flies out there on the water. 

Check out the pack here 


Talk about a can of worms! Each habitat and fly choice will require different retrieve styles and presentation tactics but here's 101. 

Baitfish patterns - Can be fished in all manner or retrieves, from slow and steady to fast and erratic. Switch it up and find out what's working on the day.

Shrimp and crabs - Slow and methodical is the go here. Twitches and short pulls will get it done, just remember to be on the bottom and introduce consistent pauses.

Worms -  I like a spread of tungsten weighted worm flies in the box. Over soft bottoms these flies really get down into the sediment and when fished with slow draws and pauses can be deadly effective. 

Top water - There's an article unto its own on this one but to summarise a few key points. Get that fly into the structure, introduce some movement then give it a  long pause. Staying connected at all times is imperative!  

Bream fishing is a challenge and requires a diverse range of skills. A great way to short cut the learnings is to jump on board one of our "Bream on the Fly" full day workshops. We run these out of the Perth metro region but also take the "show on the road" and deliver throughout the country. To find out more click here. 

Happy breaming!