Workshop - Fly Fishing for Whiting

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Chad Plooy QLD
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Ryan Bolch SE QLD 
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Catching Whiting on the Fly 

Whiting on the fly is loads of fun, is highly visual and very exciting. They can be targeted both subsurface and on top water with the hotter summer months being best. 


Yellowfin whiting are not overly large with a 40cm being a good benchmarks so keep your outfit as light as you can to get maximum value out of the fight. 3-4 weights are ideal, however 5-6 weights may be useful on windy days. 

As much of the fishing done for Whiting is on skinny water sand flats a full floating line is most versatile.

Leader and Tippet

There are no teeth in a whiting to watch out for and as such we can keep things sporting with a 5X (5LB) tippet being a go-to choice for subsurface. You can comfortably up this to 3X (8LB) when fishing the top water with bigger surface flies. 

Leader length is up to you keeping in mind longer systems allow for more delicate presentation. 9 foot is a good start point. On the top water however, you may want to shorten this back to around 7 foot to assist in turning over the larger more wind resistant flies. 


Whiting are opportunistic carnivores displaying a strong preference towards worms, they also however, feed heavily on other food items in abundance such as prawns and small baitfish. So your box should include a few small clousers, weighted worm flies and surface poppers. 

Check out our range of Whiting flies here.


Subsurface - Best success will be had with your aggressivly touching down and engaging with the bottom, The tungsten Dan's worm fly is a great choice for this. Fish faster than you may think relevant for a worm with short sharp strip strikes.   

For more info on subsurface strategy check out the "Note" on our facebook page here. 

Top water - Ok, it's all about consistent pace! keep that fly constantly moving and resist the temptation to pause when your fly is being chased. Play around with different speeds on the day to find out what is working but whatever the pace always remember - do not stop! 

Whiting fishing can be challenging and some subtle specifics can make all the difference to your success. For those looking to shortcut the learning curve we offer "Whiting on the Fly" workshops out of the Perth metro region. For those interstate we also take the "show on the road" and deliver throughout the country. To find out more click here. 

 God luck with them!