Fly Fishing for Redfin Perch

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Greg Walker South East WA
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Catching Redfin on the Fly 

Redfin Perch are likely one of the most under rated sports fish in Australia. They usually live in pretty places, put upon a decent fight and actually taste pretty good on the plate. They love cover, so find the structure! They will also form large schools and will often be found patrolling together, particularly in large still waters. 


You can generally fish light with a 3 - 6 weight being a good choice. Just be aware you will need a bit of muscle if fishing around structure, their first run can be powerful! Full floating lines are generally all that is required but a sink tip of full sinking may be an asset in dealer water.  

Leader and Tippet

 Nothing fancy here, a nine foot leader heading down to about an 3X (8lb) Tippet will get the job done. You may want to go shorter in tight country and lighter if your in gyn clear water with smaller flies. 


Redfin are opportunistic carnivores and as such they're diet is varied with liquorice all sorts. They do however love small fish and in particular crayfish and yabbies. A large woolly bugger is a simple and effective start point. 

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As Redfin can live a broad range of freshwater habitat's your tactics will need to be flexible. Where there is structure, start there using weighted flies that will get down fairly fast but be careful of snagging up. 

In deeper, open water, getting down is your main objective as Redfin will rarely be found high in the water column . Use weighted flies or a sinking fly line. 

 Occasionally Redfin will feed of the surface, particularly in low light situation. It pays to carry some surface flies or poppers in your box.   

God luck with them!