Hosted trip - Cocos Island

Looking for new adventures and fresh challenges? Then consider joining me on a hosted trip to the fabulous Cocos Keeling Island. This trip is fully tailored to suit you as it flexible on a range of accomodation, guiding and dining options.

What to expect -  Cocos Island is one of the most beautiful tropical islands on the planet. If in doubt, check it out on google maps and be inspired! As a fly fishery, it offers up many cool challenges, including hunting huge bonefish, Bumphead parrot fish, Giant trevally and monster triggerfish. It is truely a fly fisho's paradise. It can however be very challenging and if you're new to the sport, I suggest you consider Christmas Island your first big adventure. It is far more forgiving and will ramp up your learning curve quicker.  

The next trip is set for late January 2021, however firm dates are yet to be announced as we must wait and see how the Covid-19 situation unravels. 

For more detail, send us an enquiry here and we will be in touch with a full info pack.  

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Cocos Island is a stunning place!
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Young Mark with a typical CKI bonefish
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Old Mark with with a cracker bone caught with local guide Shahrin.
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John Robertson getting it done on a post cyclone Bone.
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Expect to see many shades of blue!
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and many shdes of green
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Steve Ooi on the other side of the camera lens.
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Dan Ivanoff admiring his first bumphead parrotfish.
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March 2019 group shot
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Jan 2019 group shot sharing some of the best pizza on the planet!
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Chris Hedges with one serious Silver Biddy.
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Annette Hedges with a nice Bonefish.
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Dan Ivanoff with a tidy Home Island GT caught on the bonefishing gear.
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Richard Goater with a trophy bonefish.
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Shane Third with a bus sized trigger fish.