Stillwater trout fishing


Trout fishing in still waters can be loads of fun and highly rewarding, it does however, present many unique challenges and to a newcomer, can be incredibly daunting!

This workshop is designed to provide the knowledge and tools to help unlock the mystery of still waters! Here’s some of what we cover;

  • Locating fish
  • Potential Diet
  • Fly selection
  • Retrieve styles
  • Stalking trout
  • Stillwater Strategies and Techniques

Course detail

    Price $120 (GST included)
    Duration Day long 10am - 5pm
    Tutor Dan Ivanoff

    One of the dams in South West WA


    Workshops are held throughout the year. To register, call Dan on 0400870294 or shoot us an email at Once registered, you will be notified as future events are scheduled.