Workshop - Bream on the Fly


One day you think you have them figured out and the next your back to square one, bream on the fly are not always easy! They can live in an amazing array of habitats and feed on just about anything, making them a challenging and rewarding target on the fly. 

Join us for an "on the water" workshop, where we break it all down and unravel some of the mystery. We'll cover the when, where and how, with particular focus and fly selection and retrieve styles. We also put the microscope over surface fishing strategy and look some of the common mistakes made when fishing the top water.  

The workshop is $120 for the day and includes a comprehensive set of notes that contains snippets of of info from some great bream anglers throughout the country. 

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Adelaide Workshop, Onkaparinga river, Nov 2019
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Swan River WA 
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Onkaparinga River SA 
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Workshop Swan River July 2019 
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Steve Roberts with an Onkaparinga bream