Workshop - Flats Fishing for Giant Trevally

Giant Trevally are far from mindless eating machines that Rome the flats eating any fly thrown at them! Whilst they are certainly the king of their domain, they can be fussy, incredibly spooky and rarely tolerate bad presentations. 

They're brute size can be intimidating and the fight resembles a street brawl. This is one fish you want to be prepared for! 

This 3hr workshop is set on the grass and focuses on some training drills that will prepare you for battle. A few of things we'll cover are;

  • Casting with speed - How to get the fly infant of the fish quickly.
  • Retrieve styles  - Fast is not always best.
  • Holding your nerve!
  • The fight - What to expect and how to manage those first few intense seconds. 

Workshop cost is $60 and includes a set of notes. 


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Perth Workshop, OCT 2019
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Perth Workshop, OCT 2019
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Graeme Hird talking casting, Perth Workshop Oct 2019
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Dan Ivanoff, christmas Island July 2018