Workshop - Stillwater Trout Fishing

Stillwater's can be daunting placing to target trout, they are vast and appear featureless to the untrained eye! Join us for 6 hour "on the water" workshop where we unlock some of the mystery and formulate a "plan of attack" that can be adopted to all forms of still water routing. 

Some of the things we'll cover include; 

  • Locating trout in stillwater 
  • Diet - What are they likely feeding on
  • Fly selection and how to fish each pattern
  • The art of stalking trout
  • Essential casting skills
Plus, so much more. 

    Workshop cost is $120 and includes a comprehensive set of notes. 


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    Harvey dam workshop, Sept 2019
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    Graeme Hird demonstrating roll casting
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    Michelle Cole getting some pointers