Nymph Head Evolution Caddis Tungsten Beadheads Olive

Caddis flies are aquatic insects that are an extremely important food source to trout. The life cycle begins as a grub like worm called a larva, and many species of caddis flies will build a cocoon or a case until it emerges as a pupa where it will swim or crawl to the surface. Fly fishermen use caddis larva and pupa patterns as an effective way to catch trout. Caddis flies typically have a small head attached to a large body and this distinct proportion between head size and body size is very important for fly tiers to imitate. However, these correct proportions are not possible to achieve using a normal, round bead because it often creates a caddisfly head that is too big and, therefore, incorrectly proportioned. The Evolution Caddis tungsten beadhead solves this fundamental problem because it has been designed to allow a smaller size bead to fit onto a larger hook size in order to get the correct small head/large body ratio and profile. The shape of the Evolution Caddis tungsten beadhead mimics that of a typical caddis pupa which has a round, undersized head with round, bulbous eyes. A small head with big eyes! In addition, we have designed the beadhead in such a way that on the hook to tilts forward and looks downward to imitate the typical head arched down on a curved body caddis pupa profile.

Extra small - Sizes 14, 16 and 18 these heads equate roughly to 3/32 or 2.4mm round bead head sizes.

Small -For sizes 12, 14. These heads equate roughly to 7/64 or 2.8mm round bead head sizes.

Medium - For sizes 10, 12. These heads equate roughly to 1/8th or 3.2mm round bead head sizes.

Large - For sizes 8, 10. These heads equate roughly to 5/32 or 4mm round bead head sizes.