Fish Skull - Golden Chartruese

The Fish-Skull is a weighted head that has a realistic baitfish profile and is specifically designed for tying freshwater and saltwater streamer fly patterns. The Fish-Skull design mimics the head and gill plates of a baitfish producing a more realistic looking profile. The head typically pushes more water than traditional flies. Top and bottom slots allow vertical freedom of movement for the tying materials. The innovative front fitting design makes it easy and quick to tie and eliminates the need for epoxy to build up a head and attach eyes. The 100% lead free metal composite material adds weight to the fly and comes in seven colours and are guranteed to be corrosion free for 80 hours in saltwater. The unique design feature places the center of gravity and 70% of weight of the Fish-Skull below the hook shank producing a 'keeling' effect similar to a dumbell. This allows the fly to be tied in the hook up position if desired. The realistic 3D eyes which come with each pack of Fish-Skulls act as an important trigger for predatory fish. The eye recesses allow the fly tiers the option to use any other style or colour if they choose. small size 8 up to 4 , 10 heads-20 eyessmall/medium size 4 to 1, 8 heads-16eyesmedium size 2 up to 1/0, 8 heads-16 eyeslarge- size 1/0 up to 4/0, 6 heads-12 eyes