Grey Bait Clouser #6

This is our winter bream fly.  Used when fish are holding deep, and on structure.  We often pair this fly with intermediate lines to fish up to 5 meters deep.  Fast sinking lines to fish 7 to 15 meters.  Also useful where there is a lot of current. 

Tied with lead plated eyes to get down deep.  Strong hook used, so heavy leader can be used to muscle bream out of tiger country.  Uv flash used to attract fish's attention.

Hook - Gamakatsu SL11-3H #6

Eyes - Lead plated eyes medium

Body/wing - Craft fur White, Salmon Pink, Medium Dun Grey.

Flash - Senyo Predator Wrap

Thread - 140D Danville Grey

Collections: Recent, Saltwater flies, under_20

Category: Clousers

Type: flies-saltwater