Snowbee Wooden Frame Landing Nets

Made from laminated Red Meranti wood for strength and light weight. Available in two frame sizes to cover all requirements, from small wild brown trout in moorland streams, up to larger stocked brownies and grayling in the larger rivers. Both models are fitted with a fine 6mm rubber-coated mesh to avoid scale damage for catch and release, and also avoids unpleasant odour and hooks catching in the mesh. Fitted with a handle eye to which an elasticated lanyard and clip is attached. 
Overall Length: 22"  
Hoop Size: 14" x 9" (35 x 23cm) by 10" Deep  
Weight: 217g/7.6oz 
Overall Length: 25" 
Hoop Size: 18" x 12" (45 x 30cm) by 13" Deep  
Weight: 242g/8.5oz 

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Category: Landing Nets

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